Events summary list

26-28th June 2017 — WebScience 2017

25 June 2017 — AMOIA workshop at WebScience 2017

20 June 2017 — 2nd IEEE P7003™ Working Group meeting

19 June 2017 — 2nd UnBias stakeholders workshop

6-7th June 2017 — EuroDIG 2017

5-8th June 2017 — Ethicomp 2017

1st June 2017 — 3rd UnBias project meeting

31st May 2017 — User behaviour study at Edinburgh

18th May 2017 — Data Driven Life (EPDS advisory group workshop)

11th May 2017 — ISOC/Chatham House event “A Brave New World: How does the Internet impact societies”

5th May 2017 — The first IEEE P7003™ Working Group meeting

3rd May 2017 — 4th Winchester Conference on Trust, Risk, Information & the Law on Wednesday

27th April 2017 — When AI goes to War: public opinion, modern conflict, and autonomous weapons

18th April 2017 — IEEE-SA webinar: The Human Standard – Why Ethical Considerations Should Drive Technological Design

16th March 2017 — Platform-to-business trading practices workshop (EC Digital Single Market)

22nd/23rd February 2017 — Internet Society European chapters meeting on User Trust

16th February 2017 — User behaviour study at Edinburgh

15th February 2017 — Algorithms Workshop at University of Strathclyde

14th February 2017 — Internet Society (ISOC UK England) User Trust Webinar

10th/11th February 2017 — UnBias public engagement at Broadway

3rd February 2017 — 1st UnBias stakeholders engagement workshop

31st January 2017 — Launch of 5Rights Youth Juries report at House of Lords

24th January 2017 — Marina/Elvira House of Lords event

24th January 2017 — 2nd UnBias project meeting

5th December 2016 — Responsible Governance for Healthy and Sustainable Smart Platforms: Policy directions for the collaborative economy

28th November 2016 — Workshop/The Ethics of Machine Learning in Professional Practice

25th November 2016 — Libel, Privacy, Data Protection and Online Legal Action A Practitioner’s Guide

24th November 2016 — SATORI Mutual Learning Workshop on Ethics Assessment of Research and Innovation

12th November 2016 — UnBias: Emancipating Young Users Against Algorithmic Biases

7th November 2016 — Algorithmic accountability and transparency in the digital economy

13th September 2016 — UnBias project kick-off meeting

28th June 2016 — Pre-kickoff project meeting

Emancipating Users Against Algorithmic Biases for a Trusted Digital Economy

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